10 Steps to Successful SEO Optimization

10 Steps to Successful SEO Optimization

The fact that you are here shows that you are a truly passionate SEO enthusiast. You know the basics of SEO and are eager to learn more.

Last week we learned about the four most important methods of SEO optimization , namely: competition research, selection of relevant keywords, unique site content and on-page SEO. Now it’s the other six.

With the title I do not mean to say that SEO is expressed only in the 10th method. Even the opposite. This is all science. The rules of search engines are endless and we, the webmasters, must comply with them. That’s exactly why I split the topic into two parts. SEO is so immense that even a whole page is not enough to describe its basic principles.

Clearly, almost all other methods fall into the off-page SEO category . Off-page optimization aims to build a solid network of links to your site and thus a good reputation in the online space. The more important ones are:

Subvert your site into search engines and directories and directories

Let’s first explain what it is. Search engines are all search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and more. Each of them provides the opportunity to register your site to participate in search results.

Directories are kind of like mini search engines. They are sites with categories and subcategories. Well organized information allowing us to quickly find what we are looking for. For example, if our site is an online toy store, it’s a good idea to list it in the Kids-> Toys category. Each directory entry links to your site. Some of them are paid, but the fee is small and definitely worth every penny.

Don’t try to outwit search engines. Nobody can!

It is no coincidence they are called search engines. Their algorithms are iron and they are more likely to outsmart you than you are.

Don’t repeat your keyword many times in the meta and title tags. Once enough is enough. Do not obtain links from suspicious directories and do not apply any black hat SEO methods on the site. These are unauthorized methods that can provide you 1000 links in a day. Even if they influence your positions well, it will be for a short time and then you will be punished by Google. If it does not completely exclude you from its index, then it will at least return to a starting position that even later.

Update the content of the site daily

People love up-to-date, new and fresh content. The same goes for search engines. They like to provide up-to-date and quality information to the user. Therefore, sites that offer daily, and why not hourly, content updates are displayed on the front pages. Do not save information. When you come across something new – post it without thinking. And if you don’t, find the news or write something new.

Analyze the results

Google analytics is the best tool for analyzing websites and everything above is free. There you can see how many visits you have received for a given number. Where did they come from (search engine social networks, directly written URL …) to redistribute your efforts by targeting them to the keywords and social networks that bring in the best traffic. I mentioned that you can “see” there, but you actually “should” watch it regularly. Otherwise, you are in luck and do not know exactly what results have been achieved.

Find links for your site

Like Google, links to your site are extremely important. Not only their number, but also their quality. Link = vote / vote for your site. This comparison is quite popular and why. Search engines understand links this way. If someone has put a link to you, then they vote for your site. It is supposed to contain something useful, good or interesting and up-to-date.

The easiest analysis you can do on your site is: In the Google search box, type in the link: “Your site URL”. As a result, pages that link to yours will be displayed. Not all of course, but the most important ones.

And as a dessert, I left the social networks. From something quite insignificant, they have become a major method in SEO optimization and a major source of traffic. Don’t be afraid of them. They are the best advertisement on the Internet. Make yourself a fan page and get in touch with your customers directly.

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