Trends in SEO optimization

Trends in SEO optimization

People have a misconception about online marketing and generally doing business on the Internet. Everyone is sure that simply with link building and a little on-page seo will succeed. These elements are important, but they should not be the only ones in your online marketing strategy . To reap success, you need to socialize your site, create social networking contacts, and engage your visitors with interesting information they would like to share with friends.

It is true that link building is at the heart of online marketing and advertising , but if you really want to be competitive you need not only the basics, but the periphery as well.

The whole section of the SEO News site suggests that the topics of the articles inside will be “Trends in SEO Optimization “. Of course, every week I discover something new about SEO optimization, be it a trend, a news story or a new method. This topic is named just because SEO optimization has undergone dramatic changes in recent years. SEO is not what it was!

Trends show that search traffic from search engines decreases dramatically, while search engine traffic literally explodes. While until a year ago it was advisable for any internet marketer or expert to redirect their strategy to social networks, it is now mandatory.

Clearly at least 90% of your efforts and budget should go to e-commerce and traffic from social networks. Here are some tips on how to turn your online marketing campaign into this:

Find the people who are looking for you through Facebook!

We need an audience that is very interested in our products or services, and Facebook is the only social network that can win it. When we advertise on Facebook, we choose which audience to display our banners and the options are endless: age, country, city, gender, university, interests, work, former job … With the right ad settings, we can reach a target audience of over 95% accuracy. It’s just phenomenal. Before Facebook it was really an achievement to reach 25% of the interested audience. This means that 3/4 of us are not really interested in our products and are not potential customers.

Your ad campaign must have a social networking design!

Studies have shown that users click the “like” button on social networks not because they like the brand or product, but because they like the way it is presented (funny video, interesting picture) and want to share it with their friends, ie. to impress them.

This means that our design is social networking compliant. Everything we share is interesting, fun or unusual and people want to share it.

Everyone has seen the ad for the new iPad 3 with the hologram football game or the one where they use a tablet for a cutting board. This is a perfect example of content tailored to social networks and is shared by almost everyone.

Of course, these were not all trends, but the idea is clear. Don’t rely on old methods alone. Become a specialist in one of the new areas and this will give you a huge advantage over your competitors. If you are still new to online marketing and advertising, you can contact our neck team. We will be happy to help any business on the Internet.

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