The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

It is really disturbing how many people make no distinction between marketing and advertising . Even things are even more serious. The importance of one with the other is often confused. But that in no way means that marketing is just advertising and nothing else. That provoked me to create this topic. Here we will explain the differences once and for all. A good knowledge of the components of marketing can not only lead to significant profits for your online business and why not offline. To begin with, I will give you one definition, taken from a textbook for each of the concepts, and then we will delve into them and find the differences.

Marketing is defined as a set of activities and processes that communicate between sellers and buyers for the sake of mutual benefit. Marketing is focused on finding , getting to know and retaining customers .

Advertising, in turn, is a means of disseminating notice of “attractive information” about a product, product, or brand. It aims to arouse interest in certain goods and services and thus to sell them, whether or not people need them. Advertising creates the need for them.

It is immediately clear why so many people are misled and do not distinguish between the two that they are even mistaken. The definitions are very similar and if I make you explain them in two words, the definition will be the same: “finding clients” . Yes but no. This short definition is true to some extent but fits more into marketing .

The truth is that advertising is a small piece of the puzzle of marketing . Let’s imagine that marketing is a big pizza. Advertising is just one slice of this pizza. Public relations (PR), distribution, product pricing, sales strategy, competition research, and customer support are the other parts of the pizza. All the elements must work together and together to achieve the coveted goal of attracting new customers. Each would do the job individually, because the warrior himself is a warrior, but in no case will it be as profitable as when all the elements work together.

I can give many more similar examples to explain the differences, but in my opinion this was quite sufficient. It is already clear to everyone that marketing is much more than advertising .

And for those who are still wondering what all this nonsense has to do with web design, SEO and online marketing, I will explain: online advertising and online marketing are no different than regular marketing and advertising . They are simply the sequel and their modern version of the Internet. Of course, advertising can be on billboards, newspapers, radio and television, but the latest media is the Internet, and accordingly the advertisement there not only finds its place, but also becomes more profitable. AdvertisingNot only is it cheaper on the site through banners and links to your site but it also targets a lot of targeted audiences. We are only able to show our ads on the Internet where people are interested in our products. The result is less marketing investment and more customers.

Imagine a billboard advertising baby diapers: the incest is large, and most passersby have not even thought about children. A banner on a site for mothers with children requires a much smaller investment and attracts the attention of a much more interested audience.

Online marketing is gaining ground, and businesses that are quicker to adapt to the news will benefit much more. Even with the recession, there is no need to save money on online marketing because it is a long-term investment. Investing $ 1 today after a year can get you $ 2, $ 10, or $ 100. Be creative and have a free consultation with a specialist from the Komal Consulting team. It is high time for your business to conquer positions in the online space.

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