Trends in Marketing

Trends in Marketing

All marketing trends are just like trains. Some are ready to leave the track, while others are still waiting for all passengers to board – in a nutshell: they are not ready yet and therefore it is not appropriate to use them in our marketing campaign . It is also quite convenient to divide trends into two main groups: action packed and waiting passengers.

For the first time in this topic, we will also touch on old-fashioned, traditional marketing , often referred to as offline offline SEO professionals . In fact, we will touch it to the point that we can explain why we should not rely on it and how it will continue to lose in its fight with online marketing . Of course there are methods that are still effective, but they are quite expensive and not every small business can afford them, unlike internet marketing , where everything is much cheaper and more efficient.

I will start my presentation with action-ready methods. Most old-fashioned marketing methods find their place here because they have been used for decades and have proven to be working and profitable.

Reductions and hot offers
To date, consumers are increasingly able to compare the prices of goods in the various stores where they are offered. This is how the traders who offer the cheapest product benefit. This does not mean that the gamblers will be left without customers, but the trend tends to go in this direction. More and more people are using price comparison sites and choosing the best deals. The more services and goods you offer at a competitive price or at the lowest price, the more users will buy from you. The global economy is still booming and no one will refuse to grab a good product or service at a low price.

Local marketing
If you offer services in Ruse you would not advertise in the Plovdiv newspaper Maritza, because this advertisement will not get you clients from Ruse. This is obvious and no one makes this mistake, but it does make quite similar mistakes that are not so obvious. It is advertised in places that are not specifically related to your business or your location and the people who “consume” the ad are not exactly the ones you need. Try to locate your business, advertise on sites and media closely related to your area or city. Your ad may reach fewer people, but a great many will be interested and take advantage of what you have to offer. Even children know that quantity is not important, but quality.

Trends that are still waiting for passengers are fresh and innovative. However, most of them have not proven themselves or consumers are not yet fully ready to use them. Some of them are:

Mobile marketing
For those of you who are not aware of exactly what mobile marketing is, I will briefly explain: sending sms and voicemails to targeted customers to promote a product.
Unfortunately, this method is not ready for action yet because it is too expensive and text messages have a small limit. Small businesses are better placed to focus on email marketing , which is much more profitable and has no limit on the size of the content. The only investment here is buying an email list. Everything else is free.

Social marketing
This is about social networks that have been gaining enormous power in recent years. Everyone loves and uses them. Almost all of your customers are already on social media and talking about you. It is imperative that you have a presence in these places and even communicate with your customers there. Enjoy even the negative comments about your business on social networks because, however bad they may be, they give you advice on what lame and what needs to change. The worst thing you can do with social networks is not to be there.

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