The Secrets of Online Success

The Secrets of Online Success

Online businesses have been gaining momentum in recent years. Every business owner of a shop, restaurant or hotel has already realized the power of the Internet as a means of advertising and business expansion. After a short survey, every entrepreneur is ready to enter the online space and present their business to a wider audience. Most attempts to make money online end up failing. In order to succeed, we must be very well prepared before we begin. In addition to research and testing, preparation includes exploring the competition in our niche and studying online marketing in depth .

Many misconceptions about online marketing, seo optimization and making money online have flooded the internet. It is very important to know who they are and not to “bind” them. Most of them have already been repeated thousands of times, thus misleading you even more. So that you do not wonder why you failed in your attempt to expand your business on the Internet, I will tell you what not to believe and what to avoid. The biggest mistake when starting an online business is to follow the tips of “How to become a millionaire on the Internet” or “How to make $ 100,000 with five mouse clicks.” The delusions listed below are not so obvious and this makes them even more insidious.

The biggest misconception about online marketing is that it is free and costs us nothing.

You can find similar titles everywhere. They are so adept at arguing that any fish is ready to catch. Pseudo specialists explain how, with almost no investment, we can make a website for our business and advertise on the Internet. We invest a hundred leva for hosting and domain and expect to make millions just because we have read about the success of a few internet millionaires who started with a very small investment. However, the chance to succeed is the same as striking sixth of the lottery. 99% of amateur attempts at online marketing end in failure. Such a big failure that we cannot even recover the symbolic investment of one hundred leva. In fact, online marketing is effective, but requires market research, testing and last but not least investment. If we have a business that makes a turnover of 10 thousand a year, we have the potential to double that profit, but we need to invest 5 thousand in a marketing campaign. The investment returns twice in just one year, something beyond traditional marketing . By the same scheme, we can win much more, even millions, just by resizing it.

Another misconception – it’s enough to have traffic to the site to sell.

Traffic is only relevant if we have affiliate programs or sell advertising. In many cases, high traffic brings minimal profits, and small but targeted traffic only brings interested buyers and therefore very large profits. What exactly is the fallacy here? We are not aware of what we need. We don’t need traffic. We need professional SEO optimization for your site and online marketing advertising campaign. They will take care of traffic, advertising, links, on-page ptimization, off-page ptimization, banners on sites with similar topics, guest articles, development of social fan pages on the site and all other methods that will bring interested in our products or visitor services. This quality visitor traffic is now quite natural to be called customer traffic, while other methods only lead to pointless visits to our site, in many cases even by people who do not understand the language.

Let’s say we are already aware of everything about online marketing , we have decided on a company that will take care of it and seo optimization. Very often, however, the company that designs our site is different and does not deal with seo. It will comply with our appearance requirements but will not pay attention to many things related to marketing and online sales.

I think basically I explained how it is impossible to succeed in online business without the investment and effort. The secret to success is to be well-informed before we begin and know the eyes are the main misconceptions about online marketing.

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